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Silvesterlauf 2010

Samstag, Oktober 16th, 2010

Leitung :                      Ehrenfried Bänsch

Techn.- Leitung :     Bernd Minnich

Kari-Obmann :         Wilhelm Lutter


Ort und Zeit :            Wernigerode – Marstall – 31.12.2010

Anfahrt :      Über Lindenallee / Am Lustgarten


Disziplinen :      09.30 Uhr – 6.0 km Walking

                               10.00 Uhr – 1.0 km Kinderlauf ( bis AK 13 )

                                10.15 Uhr – 6.0 km & 16.0 km


Strecken :   Asphalt & Waldwege

Wertung :   Gesamtwertung ( w & m )

Altersklassenwertung – 1.0km / 6.0km/16.0km


Meldebüro :                      Am Start und Ziel

ab 8.3o Uhr mit Ausgabe der Start Nr.

Sicherheitsnadeln nicht vergessen !!!


Meldung :   Meldung

                          e-mail : ehrenfried_

                          E. Bänsch, H.-Heine-Str. 21, 38855 WR


Meldeschluß : 28.12. 2010 – bitte mit Postanschrift !

Für das Nachsenden der Urkunden !!!


Startgeld : Je Teilnehmer : 4.00 € – Kinder 1.00 €

Auszeichnung : Gesamtsieger ( w & m ) Lauf – Pokale

Die 1.-3. Medaillen / Urkunden im Nachg.

Teilnehmerurkunden – Lauf & Walking


Umkleidemöglichkeit : Ab 8.00 Uhr in der Liv Ullmann Schule


Protokoll : Protokoll im Internet unter

Anforderung von der Meldeadresse per e-mail

Wireless Adult Regulation Software for Monitoring Young boys and girls

Montag, Oktober 4th, 2010

Will You Spy using a Cell Phone Whilst not having Having Access to the Phone?

There exists a experience that should bring up warning signs for people who make use of our cell phones. Shocking as it can certainly be, it appears that anyone’s cell phone should be converted into a bugging equipment worth the CIA via cell phone spy cellmonitoring workouts. Truthfully, it is much easier to spy even on a cell phone than most of us just think.

All it takes to get an unethical attacker to from another location interact with your cell phone over the web is executing easy instructions from the inside a cell phone spy software that might be procured on the internet. (mehr …)

Celtic Woman: Voices of Angels – Us New music Theater

Montag, Oktober 4th, 2010

CELTIC Partner Broadcast Their 2016 To the north Us citizen Visit Future

Multi-platinum Irish music and songs discomfort, Celtic Woman, profits to Canada And America in 2016 with a completely new demonstrate to, Future, honoring the simultaneous launch of their new album and Digital video disc, also titledDestiny. The performances recognize Ireland’s earlier, even when delivering a stylish musical edge to music former and new in ways that also displays the brilliant, modern land that Ireland is currently. (mehr …)

How can one speed up your Mac in around 30 minutes

Montag, Oktober 4th, 2010

Apple Macs are gorgeous productive, but a Mac can decelerate after awhile just like any Laptop. Here i will discuss 14 ideas to help you speed up a Mac and make it manage earlier.

How you can speed up a Mac: Reactivate the equipment This sounds like an obvious proposition, but many folks will write their place of work equipment switched on for several days or maybe even several weeks on cease – it isn’t them paying the power bill. Even Macs consumed at your home is generally remaining changed on for the ridiculously period of time, particularly if they’re getting used for all your loved ones for getting within the internet, watch on-marketplace demand Television set and movies, cherish website gaming, get carried out some investigation for example. (mehr …)

Strategy to speed up your Mac

Montag, Oktober 4th, 2010

As noted for its smooth program and very highly enhanced high performance, lags and slowdowns is the final thing you would expect to have in a mac. But the truth is, slowdowns do show up on Mac and they’re as irritating as on every other base. The explanation for slowdowns may just be an older set-up that can not take care of the up-to-date software applications and uses.

Irrespective of the aspects will be, there are lots of methods how you can transform your Mac’s productivity and lower slowdowns. (mehr …)